Specialty Inks + Dyes

Since its inception, INVISUAL Group has sought to push the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to wearable art. One way we achieve this is through the use of specialty inks and dyes - all of which are available to you with our custom apparel services.

Below are examples of some of our in-house capabilities. Any combination or extension of these are open to you. If you'd like to discuss possibilties, please reach out via our contact page.

Color-changing (thermochromic)
+ air-brushed accents

Glow-in-dark Ink
+ reflective/Puff Ink Expander

Custom Ice Dye
+ Pendulum Effect

Marble Dye Accenting

Natural Sandalwood Dye

Split Fountain Color Printing

2-Color Spot Process

CMYK-Process with Discharge Underbase