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Color: Tangerine

Material: 100% Cotton

Not even sure what to say about this one- this has got to be probably my most favorite piece I have made this past year. There is a point where you as an artist want to derive a narrative out of your work, but when your work supersedes your ability to articulate it, you really hit a wall. Perhaps I made it for reasons I will not understand until a later time. However, until that point I can only ponder on how or why I chose to combine the elements pictured here. They just "feel" right!

Light sensitive dye exposure of illustration by Gustav Dore with additional puff print accenting throughout the piece. A rounded split-fountain "moon" print with half reflective ink & half black ink resides on the top-right chest area of the piece to compliment the cyanotype-constructed scene beneath.

Product Details:
• Made in our Milwaukee Studio
• Puff Expander ink accenting
• Reflective ink accenting
• 36-Hour cyanotype dye process
• Normal Fit