"HERETIC" Long Sleeve Shirt

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Color: Sandalwood

Material: 100% Cotton

"Ode to the Heretic" features a cropped sign painted by the folk artist Jesse Howard. Notable for his prolific, sometimes controversial, often esoteric statements displayed on wooden signs populating his private property, his proclamations would react to events in the context of larger society, yet rarely venture beyond his yard - until they were discovered and coveted as folk art. He was often at odds with the outside world, painting signs in reactions to vandals and thieves attracted to his eccentricity. If anyone could be called a heretic, it would be Jesse. The character of the heretic is much like the hooded bird of prey - full of animated fury and precision, asuaged by the blinding cover imposed by a master. Flying blind is the way of the heretic." -KC. Harrison (@darkage.online)

• Made in our Milwaukee studio
• Hand-dyed with natural sandalwood
• Oversized cropped print with wrap-around detail
• Natural dye process creates subtleties in color, resulting in unique finish
• Normal Fit