"HAPPY ENDINGS" Coach Jacket

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Color: Black

100% Nylon Shell
100% Polyester Lining

Over-sized print on reverse with illustration of a vampire bat overlayed with metal lettering in the style of a spider web reading "DEAD END". Pocket print on front reading "HAPPY ENDINGS" with accompanying graphics from the infamous 1995 NASA Experiment testing the effects on spiders' web-making abilities when under the influence of narcotic substances.

A playful if yet dark musing on our relationship to substance use, which simultaneously produces feelings of "happy endings" that sometimes commence in "dead ends". The creative force of a spider's web alongside its ability to entrap juxtaposed with the vampire bat who gains sustenance from another's life force parallels the dual nature of human's relationship to drugs.

Each lining is individually accented with marble dye mimicking cobwebs. Please allow for natural variation in dye. The coach jacket is equipped with an interior pocket and drawstrings on the waist band.

Product Details:
• Made in our Milwaukee
• Marble-dyed lining mimicking cobwebs
• Liner pocket
• Drawstring system at bottom hem
• Weather-Proof TPE Coating on outer shell